Sunday school Programs

At Northland Faith Church, we strive to provide your children and youth with the foundations and tools they need to soar into God's highest and best for their lives. As the children grow older, more biblical truths is imparted to them in the studies of creation and the life of Jesus, also by acknowledging and responding to the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Mid-Week Mana

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Other programs

Word Nuggets

Sunday Mornings

Tune in every Sunday morning to 100.9 Canoe fm for "Word Nuggets" with Rev Bev.


Join Pastor Bev as he shares a few minutes of Truth Nuggets from God's enriched Word.



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Social Events & Activities

We have many social events throughout the year. Please follow us on Facebook for updates on “What’s happening at Northland Faith Church”.

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Pastor Pat and Pastor Bev

While attending Northland Faith Church, we desire to help to take care of people’s needs. Our Pastoral Care team provides individual ministry to our church body, and to the community. Our staff and ministry workers are trained to help apply the promises of God in crises and in everyday living.

Some of the services we provide include funerals, baby dedications, and hospital visits.

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